Storytellr, Tell the same story - better

The Storytellr authoring tool generates multimedia stories from user-provided sources. Stories are written in grin and presented as multimedia movies played on a story canvas.

The intended audience is lightly-technical, and / or end-user technical. The end users may be familiar with how to use a computer, but are unaware and indifferent to technologies like Java, XML, and SMIL. The users are only casually interested in storytelling and do not have enough interest in learning (or acquiring) authoring tools such as PowerPoint, iMovie, or Adobe Premiere.

An example story is shown below:

@default {duration:3 sec} @default {bgcolor: black} @fast {duration: 2sec} My dear animals play qo.mp3 image 03.jpg This was my first pet ever image 03.jpg But it ate way too much! text So I had to give it to the zoo :( endtext label Then a friend got me this one for christmas endlabel image 04.jpg image 05.jpg But she fell for this guy and ran away :S stop {duration:1 sec; position: top-left}Then I decided {duration:1 sec; position: middle}I wanted {duration:1 sec; position: bottom-right}a small pet play roar.wav {duration:4 sec;position: top}image 10.jpg So I ended up keeping this little guy! {duration:30 sec}THE END stop

The Storytellr compiler was written in Java using a Flash library to translate the stories for presentation on the web. Storytellr also supports SMIL, a multimedia XML language. The web application is written in PHP.