Library and Archives Canada

Senior Application Developer / Software Architect.

Involved with the design, development, testing and maintenance of enterprise-level Intranet applications. The applications provided physical management, circulation and disposition of the archival and published holdings.

The applications were built using PHP, Oracle 9i using the Fusebox and Zend Framework. Helped to upgrade to a subversion (SVN) repository (from RCS), and introduce continuous integration using phpUnderControl, Ant, and Phing. Other tools in use include Eclipse, PhpUnit, SimpleTest, Selenium, WebTest, and Ingres.

Collection Management System

The Collections Management System (CMS) is an enterprise-level Intranet application that provides a single point of access to LAC's published and archival collections. The bilingual application has several primary modules bringing together physical and intellectual management as well as access to the institutions holdings by delivering functions of circulation, maintenance, conservation treatment, digitization, imaging, microfilming and audio-visual preservation.

Mr. Andrew Forward had the following duties and accomplishments during this project:

  • Clarified business requirements, work-flows and project objectives, via feedback sessions and client meetings, in collaboration with project leads, business analysts and stakeholders
  • Worked in large team environments collaboratively alongside over 30 colleagues
  • Developed CLF 1.0 compliant and W3C Accessible interfaces, including data-intensive forms, wizards, search pages and paginated results, using PHP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax
  • Coded and optimized PL/SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers and view to manipulate data stored on a multi-million record Oracle and Ingres database schemata
  • Developed PHP business objects to parse large XML documents, produced from hand-held barcode scanners, containing data describing the physical movements of individual holdings between locations at several sites
  • Programmed PHP software to dynamically produce PDF and other office documents for downloads, in-line viewing as well as for conversion to postscript files used in automated print jobs
  • Developed CLI bash scripts enabling application functionalities to be called at scheduled intervals by Control-M agents
  • Developed PHP application code in a clustered server environment running SUSE Linux
  • Provided regular status reports to team leads providing updates the state development deliverables
  • Developed and deployed user acceptance/unit testing using Selenium and SimpleTest
  • Responsible for testing, reporting, enhancing and troubleshooting bugs/functionality changes using the Mantis bug reporting application
  • Safeguarded source code changes and managed code branching/merging using Subversion (SVN)
  • Environment:

    PHP 5.1.4, Fusebox 3 Framework, Oracle 10g, Ingres, PL/SQL, SOAP 1.2, XHTML 1.0 Strict, JavaScript 1.6, AJAX, XML, JSON, CSS 2.0, , Common Look and Feel 1.0, W3C Accessibility Guidelines, TOAD, Putty 0.5, SVN 1.1, Mantis 0.18, Control-M Server 6.3, SUSE Linux 2.6.x, Tru64 UNIX V5.x, Apache 1.3, Eclipse 3.x, PhpDocumentor, Selenium 0.82, SimpleTest 1.x