Ottawa Keg Schedules

Allows management to post schedules onlines to allow access 24/7 to over 100 staff from servers, bartenders, cooks and dishwashers. Simple design, simple features. Developed using PHP, HTML, SASS, CSS, GumbyFramework and running on Nginx. Version control and deployment using GIT.

The Keg Schedules Home Page

Upload new schedules

The management from each keg can upload either Front-of-House (servers / bartenders), or Back-of-House (cooks, salad tenders) schedules.

the Keg Schedules Administration Page

View schedules

Each keg restaurant is assigned an access code, and using that passcode staff members are given access to only their schedules

the Keg Schedules Staff Page

Pick-up or Drop Shifts

Finally, staff members might need to drop a shift due to a scheduling conflict, or to pick up a shift to earn extra money. This feature provides a virtual wall for staff to post pick-up or drop requests.

the Keg Schedules Staff Pick Up/Drop Page

Technology, Process and Project Overview

This application is very simple, and serves a very specific need. It was developed using PHP, and runs on an Nginx web server. Although a small application, the project's process is fairly formal. The application is versionned using a Git repository. Git is also used to deploy the application to our QA and PROD environments.

the Keg Schedules Staff project structure

The SimpleTest automated Test Suite

The model layer was tested using SimpleTest.

The Keg Schedules simple test results

Application Monitoring

The application uses to monitor the status of our application. Email notifications help our team to reach to issues within minutes instead of days. Web Service

Project Structure

We store schedules on the file-system outside of the websites public path (so files cannot be accessed directly); providing sufficient security to manage the privacy needs of the users.

The Keg Schedules development project structure